Warzone players demand map changes to “confusing” Caldera in Season 2

Warzone players are calling for major changes to the Battle Royale’s main map, Caldera, branding the Pacific environment as “confused” and “cheap” in Season 2 Reloaded.

Caldera has been the main battle royale map in Warzone since December 2021, when Warzone Pacific fell and the suburb of Verdansk was exchanged for a Pacific Island drenched in sunlight and carnage.

Since then, feedback has been mixed, with many expressing affection for Verdansk and complaining about an alternative to Caldera for the Battle Royale for up to 100 people. Rebirth Island is an option, but offers a much smaller up-close experience.

Warzone player skydiving over Caldera

Caldera is set on an island in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.

Now, a disgruntled player has laid out all his issues with Caldera in a scathing Reddit post, labeling the card “cheap” and “confused”.

They explained their problems thoroughly, portraying the ‘quality’ of the card as an issue and saying it feels poorly thought out and in some cases even poorly developed.

“I hate how instead of just putting 5 houses together, it’s 5 houses 100 meters apart,” they said. “I don’t feel like running from house to house for five minutes to find the worst loot ever… It feels cheap. There are house markers where there are no houses. Me and my friend ran around looking for loot, see a house on the map, run over, it’s a rock, a literal rock.

Caldera just feels “off” from CODWarzone

Unsurprisingly, the Redditor’s post also focused on the prevalence of bugs and glitches in Caldera, which is still a major talking point in Season 2.

They finished: “The overall vibe of the map also feels confused. Aesthetically we have jungles, Nazi bases, Japanese bases, then a picturesque capital and small hamlets everywhere. It feels like they didn’t really know what they wanted to do with this map … it just feels jumbled and confused.”

Numerous other Warzone players echoed their comments, suggesting large-scale changes as a solution. Others pointed to a multiplayer-style map rotation system that would reintroduce Verdansk.

If you really hate Caldera, you can play Rebirth Island or cast your mind ahead on Warzone 2, which is due out in late 2022.

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