Warzone Players Divided Over Zombies Event Returning in Season 4

Warzone players are divided as Raven Software teased an upcoming zombies event in Season 4 on Rebirth Island.

With humble beginnings in World At War, fighting the undead has mostly remained an enjoyable experience as the Call of Duty franchise has evolved over the years.

However, bringing the undead into Warzone has had mixed results in recent years. As the developers prepare to shake up the Battle Royale with Season 4, Warzone players remain skeptical as Raven Software teases another zombie-themed event.

An image of zombies in Warzone

Warzone players have fought zombies in Verdansk before.

Warzone players are asking for “proper” Modern Warfare zombies

In a blog post about what Season 4 will bring to Warzone, Redditors were quick to note that the developers left a clue to zombies returning in Season 4. Raven Software said that “there are strange rumors of an undead wave” regarding the update of the mid season.

While a specific event has yet to be announced, the tease suggested it will be “the ultimate test for operators coming online”. After the latest attempt to merge zombies with Warzone, Redditors are divided over their return to the game.

Warzone players like Jayt32 didn’t hesitate to be critical of the latest zombies event: “Honestly, the way they did zombies in Verdansk was pretty stupid.” Others have shared this perspective, adding: “I really hope the f*** doesn’t. Zombies in a war zone is a stupid idea.”

zombies in war zone again? from CODWarzone

However, many players are cautiously optimistic for another undead battle, with some asking the developers to “create a true “Modern Warfare Zombies” mode.”

While seasoned CoD developers Treyarch are not involved in Warzone’s progress, Redditor Faulty-Blue feels they missed an important opportunity: “Still disappointed, Treyarch never made modern Verdansk a playable map in BOCW Outbreak.”

Fortune’s Keep is the latest map to arrive in Warzone, taking the place of the ever-popular Rebirth Island for a short period of time. The battle with the undead is expected to take place once Rebirth returns.

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