Warzone players report “huge increase” in cheaters ahead of season five

Warzone players are reportedly seeing another “huge increase” in cheaters ahead of the Season 5 release.

It’s fair to say that Warzone has had quite a few issues over the years when it comes to cheaters. Many can remember the battle before the release of Activision’s brand new anti-cheat RICOCHET, where cheaters ran rampant in almost every lobby.

While the situation has certainly improved over time, they are still not completely under control. Now, ahead of the Season 5 release, players are once again reporting a “huge increase” in cheaters.

Warzone players report “huge increase” in cheaters

In an August 19 Reddit thread, Warzone fan “aBipolarTree” noted the influx of cheaters over the past few days.

According to the fan, they have only seen a few cheaters since the anti-cheat was introduced last December. However, in recent days they have seen a huge influx.

“Anyone who sees a massive increase in blatant cheating,” they wrote. “I feel like I’ve only seen 1-2 cheaters since Ricochet was added and in the last 2 days almost every game I’ve played has at least 1 person using a clear aimbot.”

Others have apparently noticed the increase as well, with more players in the thread sharing their own experiences.

“Yup tonight was excruciating, I’m coming here to see if anyone else notices this,” one wrote.

“My friends and I noticed this too,” added another. “I’m sure people were using walls in a lot of games without my knowledge, but in the last 2 days I’ve seen the most blatant aimbots. Thought they might have a free cheat weekend lol.”

It is unclear what caused the sudden influx. According to some, the cheaters all appear to be new accounts.

Hopefully, we’ll see the Raven developers take action before the expected release of Season 5 on August 24.

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