Warzone Players Think Snoop Dogg Has Already Changed Rebirth Island

Warzone’s Rebirth Reinforced update changed many aspects of the fast map, but players are convinced Snoop Dogg had something to do with it, as a mysterious green smoke looms over the island.

Season 2 Reloaded has players smiling from head to toe as new content comes into play. While Rebirth was the focus of this update, the community will also be getting their hands on a Snoop Dogg skin in April.

While people wait for that drop, they search for Easter eggs on the new Rebirth map and have found keycards that open secret locations and give players rare loot.

However, another one was discovered that took over Reddit as players are sure Snoop Dogg is the reason for this, but they aren’t quite sure why.

Warzone Rebirth Snoop Dogg Easter Egg

In a Reddit post from ‘thepestiIence’ the user posted a simple screenshot as they got ready for deployment on Rebirth Island and now players are coming up with wild conspiracy theories.

how come the smoke is green now? from CODWarzone

As can be seen in the photo, an ominous green gas is emanating from the top of Chemical Engineering. Looks like you wouldn’t even want to touch it, but fans think it’s a tribute to the Snoop Dogg skin emerging Apr 19.

One Redditor suggested it’s there “maybe to go with the Snoop Dogg operator,” while another was sold because it was for the rapper: “I assume it’s related to the Snoop Operator skin that came out in April. comes.” People went on and on about how the color green and smoke matched Snoop perfectly, but not everyone agreed.

Others were quick to point out that it could also be a reference to the Nebula or Nova Gas, which was added at the start of Season 2. Some claimed it’s nebula gas, but that’s only on Caldera.

top view of rebirth island in cod war zone

Rebirth Island has a weird green gas coming from Chemical Engineering.

Redditor ‘OptimusZombieee’ said, “Nova 6 was developed on Rebirth Island by Stitch until Adler and the CIA show up sometime after Vietnam before the events of BOCW.”

Whether you’re Team Snoop or Team Nova 6, it’s sparked a fun little debate among players and we could very soon find out the truth behind the green gas.

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