Warzone players want Apex Legends style change in Warzone 2 to combat stims

published: 2022-10-20T13:13:34

Updated: 2022-10-20T13:13:48

With Warzone 2 on the horizon, some Call of Duty Battle Royale fans have expressed concern that incentives are still a tactic in the new game.

If you’ve gotten to the endgame at any point in Warzone in the last three years, you’ve probably experienced a sting in the gas – maybe even using yourself.

While many players try to go to the throat and collect kills on their way to victory, there are plenty who stay on the edge of the circle and play things slow. These are the ones you usually find in the poisonous gas, using stims until their enemy falls and they can claim victory themselves.

While it is a legitimate strategy, it is also controversial as changes have been made to medical equipment over time. While some fans have wanted stims removed for Warzone 2, they will return and that has caused some concern.

Warzone players worry that stims may still be OP in Warzone 2

As players say goodbye to Warzone ahead of Warzone 2’s release, they’ve used it as an opportunity to look ahead and hopefully encourage some changes, especially with Stims.

“I really hope they change this. One of the worst parts of WZ is stupid gas games. Gas should be deadly,” said one of them. “Pacifist shouldn’t be a legitimate, moreover, easy play style in a battle royale.”

Other players agreed. “I haven’t played Warzone for weeks now. I’m basically done with it because of all the big bulls**ts that are in this game. I want a nice clean reset for WZ2, and I hope and pray they did better said one. “Bring on MW2 and WZ2 when some of this mess is finally gone,” added another.

Another suggested that Warzone should follow Apex Legends, where the damage dealt by the zone increases over time. “I’d like a system like Apex where the gas gets stronger after each zone collapses. So the last circle gas isn’t one to mess with, but in the early game you can kind of get away with it,” commented another.

The zones will be tweaked in Warzone 2, with a focus on countering third-party combat, but who knows what will happen to the stims. However, it is clear that there is a need for change.

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