Warzone streamer runs into little bro in Rebirth and gets absolutely smoked

published: 2022-10-14T23:13:25

Updated: 2022-10-14T23:13:44

Warzone is always full of surprises, but some moments can be as shocking as running into a relative in a public lobby, but that’s exactly what happened to a streamer who ran into their little brother in a Rebirth Island lobby.

Sibling rivalry can take many forms, but when it comes to video games, it is known to be taken very personally. From the Tetris era until now, there has seemingly always been a wealth of competitive spirit among family members.

That’s why when a TikToker ran into a familiar face in a Warzone lobby, he had to step up his game and let his big brother know who’s running Rebirth Island.

Warzone streamer gets smoked sibling in surprise encounter

The clip, which has racked up over 150k likes on TikTok, shows the perspective of both siblings during their two run-ins in the game.

Velocci (the younger brother) starts the video by saying that he had to show who is the better player before going to his POV from the first encounter.

The two have a bit of back and forth before some well-placed Krig shots managed to wipe the older sibling off the map.

The flip side of the fight shows big brother pushing into the fight and saying “this kid is a demon” before being killed.

Of course, it’s only after that first death that he realizes who he’d been looking at. “It’s impossible that my brother just killed me,” he said in disbelief.

The video then jumps to a second fight where the younger sibling again tracks down their prey and cuts both members of the squad to pieces before the shock even fully hits for the opposing team. “Nicky is in our game…I can’t believe Nicky is killing me now.”

This isn’t the kind of feat that’s easy to emulate, meaning Velocci’s win puts a point on the board for little bros everywhere as we gear up for the next era of Warzone.

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