Warzone TTK Stats Reveal Criminally Underutilized Modern Warfare Assault Rifle

Warzone time-to-kill (TTK) stats have revealed a criminally underutilized Modern Warfare assault rifle that dominates both Caldera and Rebirth Island after the Season 3 update.

Warzone’s weapon pool naturally shifts as updates are pushed by the developers. That’s again the case after the Season 3 patch, which came out on April 27.

Weapon balancing was high on Raven’s list, among other things, and numerous changes have been made with the update. The Cold War XM4 was considerably grained, as were sniper rifles as a weapon category.

As a result, other weapons are becoming increasingly important. One weapon that remains incredibly low on the most-chosen list is the Oden, but TTK stats actually suggest it’s one of the best ARs in the entire game.

Oden equipment
Activision / Infinity Ward

The Oden has been in Warzone since the beginning.

Flagged on Reddit by player ‘Currentsleet11’, the stats come from TrueGameData and reveal that, at near-average ranges, there really isn’t another MW assault rifle that can compete with the Oden.

While its viability decreases at greater ranges, its sheer ability to rip through enemy armor and health makes it unmatched in terms of damage.

As one user said, “The Oden has always been underestimated due to its slow rate of fire and recoil.”

TTK of all MW ARS at 250 health with chest shots (no attachments) from CODWarzone

It’s true that the Oden’s kick can be hard to master, but with the right attachments to increase recoil and keep his handling solid, he shreds faster than almost any other weapon in the game.

Because of the kick, it’s most viable at medium ranges and paired with a sniper (because of the nerfs, probably the HDR).

With a pick rate of just 0.11% according to WZRanked, step in with the Oden and lead the way.

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