watchOS 9 users encounter critical bug with Spotify app

Music streaming service Spotify has warned Apple Watch users to update to watchOS 9.

Spotify app

watchOS 9 brings with it a critical bug that causes the streaming app to stop working on the Apple Watch. Spotify recently sent its users an email telling them not to upgrade or they won’t be able to stream from their smartwatches. The problem is concentrated only for watchOS 9, and does not affect the iPhone.

Spotify details how the bug is causing the Spotify app to stop working and how users will not be allowed to install watchOS 9 until an update is released. For those who have already upgraded to watchOS 9, Spotify recommended downloading the content on their devices and listening to the music offline.

Users have reported online how the app works for a while, then crashes and won’t continue. The progress bar is said to move, but there will be no sound. Currently, Spotify users have to wait for an update to fix the issue.

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