What is a thermal weapon in Fortnite? Where can you find thermal scopes for the Prowler Challenge?

Whether you need a thermal weapon to complete a specific Fortnite challenge or simply want one of these powerful weapons, we’ve got you covered. Our guide will show you what makes thermal weapons so special in Fortnite and where to find them.

Fortnite’s fantastic array of weapons and gadgets always keeps things interesting during the battle royale experience. The game has progressed by leaps and bounds since its debut in 2017, and we’ve gone from thanking the bus driver to actually driving the vehicle.

Some of the most popular items in Fortnite’s vast inventory are thermal weapons. They offer something slightly different in Epic Games’ third-person shooter and are even necessary for certain challenges.


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You may want to go down quickly to get your hands on a thermal weapon.

What is a thermal weapon in Fortnite?

There is currently one thermal weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and that is the Assault rifle with thermal scope

When you aim with the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle in Fortnite, it gives the screen a bluish tint, and if enemy players make a move in your sight, their heat signature glows on the scope.

It helps you ignore the colors of your environment and easily identify nearby threats so you can shoot at them with more confidence. It can be a big advantage for medium to long range shootouts.

Where can you find a thermal weapon in Fortnite?

Epic Games has given players a few different ways to buy a thermal weapon in Fortnite: search chests, keep an eye on floor loot, defeat Huntmaster Saber, or defeat an IO Hunter.

Find floor loot and chests

A fairly simple and rudimentary way to get hold of a thermal weapon, but the most proven method. If you want to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, we recommend getting as far away from everyone on the map as possible so that you have ample opportunity to loot as many chests as possible unhindered. You have a better chance of finding one by searching high-level chests.

huntmaster saber posing in fortnite
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He can be a formidable enemy, but it’s worth it if you can take him out.

Defeat Huntmaster Saber

A new boss introduced in Fortnite, Huntmaster Saber is part of the IO and we’ve got a full guide here showing you where to find him and how to beat him. Doing this will give you the Mythical thermal rifle.

Defeating IO Hunters

This is another smaller boss in Fortnite. You are guaranteed to find one in the current ‘Help The Seven Reclaim’ location when you complete the mission. If you beat one it becomes normal Assault rifle with thermal scope

How to complete Fortnite’s Headshot Prowler challenge?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 welcomed the Prowler into the game, and to get the skin, players had to face one challenge’Headshot opponents with a Thermal Weapon’ – three times

It’s not the hardest task given to fans of the game, but it’s clear that locating the weapon itself is a must.

player zooms in and uses thermal assault rifle in fortnite
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In addition to being used for challenges, thermal weapons can also help turn the tide in games.

How many thermal weapons are there in Fortnite?

At the moment Fortnite only has one thermal weapon you can obtain – the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle.

It was introduced in 2018 and has stuck around ever since, popping its head in and out of the vault from season to season. It looks like Epic has no plans to introduce additional thermal weapons, but you never know what the Fortnite universe will do next.

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