What is DDA in gaming and why is it so controversial? FIFA 23, EA patent and more

A controversial topic in the FIFA (and gaming) community relates to DDA, what it means and how it affects video games. Here we go through everything there is to know about Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment mechanics, their place in FIFA 23, and much more.

The term DDA may be new to some FIFA fans, but many will have heard it casually from content creators, Twitter accounts, or even fellow players.

It’s a pretty controversial topic and one that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, so here’s what it means, how it affects video games, and whether it will appear in FIFA 23.

What is DDA in gaming and FIFA?

DDA stands for ‘Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment’. The expression is quite complex, but it simply means a mechanic in a game’s code who can modify certain aspects of gameplay to make it more difficult or easier for players to perform certain actions.

Basically, a player who dominates a match may see DDA making his gameplay less fluid and error prone to balance the match he is playing. A player struggling with a game may find that their gameplay has been smoothed out to have the opposite effect.

An EA paper on the topic describes it as a “technique of adaptively changing a game to make it easier or harder.” It is designed to reduce both frustration and boredom.

Regarding its use in their games, EA says, “We have successfully developed a system that applies this technique across multiple games from Electronic Arts, Inc., and have seen up to 9% improvement in player engagement with a neutral impact on generation. of revenue.”

Is DDA in FIFA? EA patent and more


The official answer to that question is no. However, EA filed a patent for the mechanic in 2016, meaning they’ve essentially been licensed to use it in-game.

Despite the patent, they have consistently denied its implementation in FIFA, despite fairly lengthy accusations from players.

In response, EA revealed the DDA code in a lawsuit in March 2021 to debunk allegations of scripting as a mechanic in FIFA.

They stated, “There is no DDA or scripting in Ultimate Team modes… Ensuring the game is fair is critical to all of us at EA. We’ve tried to make it as clear as possible that this commitment is as good applies to us as it does to our players.”

Needless to say, some players are unconvinced and still attribute frustrating moments in the game to DDA or scripting. However, it is important to reiterate that there is no evidence for this and that EA was successful in their legal defense.

Barring a major change of direction from EA, it will remain that way when FIFA 23 launches at the end of September.

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