What is Warzone’s Rebirth of the Dead? New BR Mode Explained

. Last updated: July 25, 2022

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded brings the all-new Rebirth of the Dead mode that will drop a horde of zombies on the beloved Alcatraz-inspired island.

Zombies are hardly a new phenomenon in Warzone, but in their latest appearance they take over Rebirth Island and force the humans to fight for their lives if they want to escape.

The premise is well known, but there will definitely be some snappy new add-ons this time around to modernize the experience.

What is Rebirth of the Dead in Warzone? Season 4 Reload LTM

In the new playlist, operators will once again be on the run from the undead as they take over the map. The mode works just like Zombie Royale before it, where the people who die are taken off the ground and given a new life.

When this happens, the Zombie players gain superhuman strength and speed, as well as a few special abilities, and can help their surviving squadmates end the match by bullying the opposing team.

There are also antiviral syringes that zombies can collect all over the map, and once a person has scored enough of them, they will rejoin the fight as humans.

How do you win in Rebirth of the Dead?

The objective is like any other Warzone battle royale mode: the last squad standing claims victory. If a human is able to make it to the end of the game, he will take the win and be rewarded with a business card to mark the occasion.

This time it’s ten squads of four that fall to Rebirth Island to fight in the crowded corridors of the smaller map. It takes some crafting maneuvers and a lot of luck to make it through the final stages of the game and make it out alive.

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