WhatsApp fixes media’s iOS autosave feature for disappearing messages

WhatsApp has prevented iOS users from automatically saving their disappearing messaging media to their Photos.


By default, WhatsApp users will no longer see images, videos, and similar content in their iPhone’s photo library. Save to Camera Roll is now automatically disabled for disappearing messages, meaning GIFs, videos, and images won’t be saved even if global autosave is turned on.

Allowing images and other media to be stored on the device was not intuitive for disappearing messages, as users want to keep the section private. It is still possible to save media in disappearing messages, albeit in a manual way.

Future updates to the messaging app will include a change to the drawing interface, specifically the blur tool that appears at the bottom and next to two drawing pencil tools.

The change is rolling out to all iOS WhatsApp users, but there is no update on when the new interface tweak will be available in the public version.

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