When is the next Valorant Night Market (2022)? Dates, schedule and how to get it

Valorant’s Night Market is one of the game’s best ways to score new skins, so here’s what it is, the schedule for 2022 and when the next one comes out.

One of Riot Games’ best additions to Valorant is the Night Market, the rotating bimonthly store that offers players a random selection of great new skins at discounted prices.

Inspired by League of Legends’ “Your Shop,” the feature has become an event for Future Earth fighters around the world, with many on the edge of their seats awaiting its return.

But what exactly is the night market? And when is the next? Here’s everything you need to know about the Valorant Night Market, including the dates, schedule, and how to access it.


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What is Valorant’s elusive night market?

When is the next Valorant Night Market? Dates & Schedule (2022)

Valorant’s Night Market is live again as of today Apr 6, 2022† It is expected to last two weeks, until 20th of April† This corresponds to leaked dates from dataminer ValorLeaks back in March.

You can expect the next Night Market in about two months in June.

Where to find Valorant Night Market

When available, the Night Market can be found in the top right corner of the game’s opening screen. It is indicated by a small card logo that twinkles to grab your attention.

Just click on this little icon and you’ll get access to all the discounted goodies. All you have to do is turn the cards over and you’ll see what skin is on offer, as well as the discount percentage.

In addition, the color of the map background and the small shape in the lower right corner indicate which skin layer this is. Not sure what’s what? View our Valorant Skin Guide to learn more about skin layers.

What is the Valorant Night Market?

Night market in Valorant
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Your Night Market transport will look like this:

The Valorant Night Market is a rotating store that randomly appears in the game. are on offer six different weapon skins offered to players at a reduced price† It is important that the skins are complete randomized

However, because of With particularly scathing criticism of the feature’s first run in December 2020, Riot has implemented a Bad Luck Protection guarantee to ensure you don’t walk away disappointed.

like you not possess every Premium Edition skin you will receive at least two Premium skins in your pool. In addition, you can: no longer get two skins for the same weapon to increase the offer.

Can I re-roll my skins?

Once you’ve rolled a skin in the Night Market, you’re can not change them. While this is a feature that fans have been interested in for a while, Riot hasn’t implemented it.

However, now that it’s clear that the feature is returning, getting a bad run of skins becomes a little less painful than if it was a one-off.

That’s all we know about the Valorant Night Market! Grabbed some new skins and want to break down some Radiants? Here are some of our Valorant guides to help you:

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