WhosImmortal explains why Warzone 2’s perk system is “broken”.

Published: 2022-12-02T21:28:54

Updated: 2022-12-02T21:29:06

Warzone 2’s new perk system has CoD YouTuber WhosImmortal scratching his head over bugs, exploits, and lack of communication from the developers.

Modern Warfare 2 players slammed the “terrible” new perk system for time-locking capabilities. In previous CoD titles, all equipped perks were immediately available in-game, but MW2 reworked the familiar formula.

Players start with two basic advantages, a bonus advantage is awarded after four minutes into a match, and an ultimate advantage is awarded after eight minutes. Users can edit their base, bonus, and ultimate perks in multiplayer, but WZ2 controversially takes that freedom out of their hands.

Warzone 2 does not allow players to edit perks, but offers preset perks packs. WZ2 perk packs are meant to work the same as in multiplayer, but WhosImmortal explained why the system is broken.

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An example of a preset perk pack for Warzone 2.

WhosImmortal reveals flawed Warzone 2 perks system

In its latest YouTube video, WhosImmortal claimed, “perks in Warzone 2 are incredibly broken.”

Activision originally planned not to include any perks in the battle royale sequel, as the developer stated that “perks won’t be available in Warzone 2 at launch.”

The developers changed their mind and added perks on day one, but WhosImmortal is unimpressed with the final product.

The YouTuber talked about rumors that some players can edit their special packs.

“At this point, there is no definitive answer to the question of who can use custom benefit packs and who cannot use them. For what it’s worth to those who said they can make their own packs. They say they work in-game.”

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Another issue is that bonuses and ultimate perks don’t activate in Warzone 2. WhosImmortal claimed that the ultimate perk high alert is not working correctly for him.

“I’ve never gotten a high alert ping in game to this day, although I’ve had it several times.”

WhosImmortal also talked about Birdeyse’s ultimate perk that gives unrestricted UAV access to all of Al Mazrah.

“This whole system needs some major fixes because it’s completely arbitrary whether you can create your own custom perks and then actually make those perks work.”

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