Wild Rift Level List for Patch 3.3a: Top Champions for Ranked

. Last updated: July 28, 2022

The overall Wild Rift Patch 3.3 cycle shifts the pace of the game considerably – with the most recent Wild Rift 3.3a significantly cutting down on some rather interesting choices. Here’s a Wild Rift Tier List of the best and worst champions.

In the recent Wild Rift overhaul, the pace of the game has slowed down significantly, allowing players to come back from behind more consistently. This change was mainly due to the elimination of tower plating, in addition to the implementation of the new Dragon system.

Turrets were used to cover literally every tower in the game. These yielded a significant chunk of gold when destroyed, causing the winning team to snowball significantly. But now the platings disappear at 6:30 am, covering only the turrets of the first tier.

With dragons also becoming more and more relevant, mid-to-late game team fights are now much more important than before. After all, a won team battle yields more goals. And whoever kills the Elder Dragon pretty much wins the game.

That has led to a meta-shift in terms of who are the best champions in Wild Rift. We have a Wild Rift Tier List for the recent Patch 3.3a with all the choices you should master.

Wild Rift Baron Lane Level List

Top Pick: Wukong (S-layer)

List of Wild Rift Levels

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Wukong got a rework in Wild Rift patch 3.3.

The champion was never this bad, but thanks to the shifts in game tempo alongside his mini-rework, Wukong dominates the meta in Wild Rift 3.3a. For those who don’t know, Wukong’s second ability now allows him to jump over walls, increasing the money king’s overall versatile utility.

Wukong’s ultimate crowd control allowed him to be dominant for quite some time. And since team battles are very crucial in the current state of the game, the choice has even more power, hence its place in the Wild Rift rankings.

Notable Pick: Jayce (S-tier)

Jayce has been pretty powerful for a while now. However, the developers thought he needed an improvement in Patch 3.3a. In their words, “Jayce hasn’t performed very well outside of the higher echelons of play.”

But Jayce is a very high skill champion, made for a high level of play. They increased his To The Skies damage output, which while not huge, certainly pushes him even more over the edge for the high elo games.

Wild Rift Mid Lane Level List

Top Pick: Ahri (S-Low)

List of Wild Rift Levels

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Ahri now gets extra dashes on deletions in Wild Rift, after a similar edit on League PC.

Ahri is not only one of the main forces in the current Star Guardian event, she is one of the most powerful mid lane champions in Wild Rift. As with Wukong, Ahri received a rework to match that of League of Legend PCs. Essentially, her ultimate now gets a different cast on removal – a very useful tool during team battles.

While her 1v1 trading potential dwindled slightly, the amount of utility she gained for team battles far outweighs the damage to her charm. With an extra dash, she can snowball team fights. And as mentioned, team fights pretty much rule the game in the current meta.

Notable Pick: Ekko (S-Layer)

Honestly, this section could easily discuss Jayce another time – but as Jayce discussed in the previous section, Ekko is in the spotlight. The champion fell into the jungle tier list (A tier to B tier) on the transition from patch 3.3 to 3.3a, but his mid lane viability remains.

Riot claims that Ekko mid struggled and gave a small improvement to his Timewinder mana cost. For high elo, this certainly hasn’t been the case, as many other content creators’ Wild Rift Tier List had already placed him in the S tier before this buff.

Wild Rift Jungle Level List

Top Pick: Shyvana (S-Low)

List of Wild Rift Levels

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Shyvana grows into a monster just by farming the jungle in Wild Rift.

Another champion who recently received a mini-rework was Shyvana – but unlike Ahri and Wukong, Shyvana’s rework is independent of the original game. The dragon champion now wins stacks by simply farming the jungle, without relying solely on taking down dragons.

But since she is also one of the best champions when it comes to securing dragons, and the meta revolves heavily around securing dragons, Shyvana is one of the strongest junglers in the game. This means she rightfully deserves her S rank – if there was an S+ rank, she would be there.

Notable Pick: Amumu (B-Layer)

This champ hasn’t really had a chance to be in the spotlight – and this patch certainly isn’t the time for a sad mama either.

In a meta full of rugged junglers, Amumu lacks the trade potential to fight the jungle. Additionally, items like Black Cleaver took on a small grain, but the armor shredding and shell damage allow powerhouses to shred through immobile tanks like Amumu with ease.

Wild Rift Bot Lane Level List

Top Pick: Lucian (S-layer)

Lucian is quite dominant in the lane, while scaling well.

The trigger-happy shooters have been one of the strongest ADCs for the past few patches. His burst damage, consistent damage output, and overall scaling are very well balanced. Thanks to his mobility, Wild Rift Lucian copes well with threats that come at him.

Take Kraken Slayer for better dealing burst damage in orbit, and Conqueror for more scalable AD during team battles. He’s not the easiest champion to master, but once you get used to his basic attack combos, his damage output increases dramatically.

Notable Pick: Miss Fortune (C-tier)

Miss Fortune should be called Miss Un-Fortunate in Wild Rift. She hasn’t been a meta for quite some time – pretty much since the critical item changed. With attack speed ADCs and castor mages dominating the duo lane, Miss Fortune lacks both the consistent damage output, mobile utility, and wave clear to actively influence the game.

Her poke damage isn’t enough to dominate the laning phase, but only annoys the enemy more effectively than securing take-downs. And her base kit doesn’t allow her to get along well with the powerhouses that dominate the meta, which easily bring her down.

List of Wild Rift Support Levels

Top Pick: Yuumi

Yuumi is very overwhelmed as a support in Wild Rift.

It’s sad to see (depending on which theory you subscribe to), but Yuumi is in a very strong position in Wild Rift patch 3.3a. The champion’s damage, healing, and CC are very overbearing to deal with, especially when paired with a skilled shooter.

Yuumi’s laning phase is surprisingly powerful, as the cat can power its first ability even if she’s not riding another player. And once the team fights begin, Yuumi is unbearable to play against. Her healing gives her allies insane support, and her ultimate ability can easily destroy the entire enemy team.

Notable Pick: Sona (B-Layer)

Riot nerfed Sona again—despite the champ really not being that powerful. She has rarely played, so her win rate stats were likely skewed from experienced Sona mains.

In the lane, Sona’s damage output is a lack of shine. Since Pyke is also quite powerful, Sona is often an ace when used incorrectly. During team fights, picks like Yuumi and Karma overshadow Sona easily, providing more CC and usability as a whole.

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