Will Disney Dreamlight Valley be worth playing after early access?

Published: 2023-01-03T10:06:42

Updated: 2023-01-03T10:07:01

Since its release in early access in September 2022, Disney Dreamlight Valley has taken the gaming world by storm, gaining unprecedented popularity that continues to grow over time – but will it be worth playing after it leaves early access ? We broke it all down here.

Early Access is a way for players to enjoy the game they’re looking forward to, while still giving developers a chance to make improvements and ensure their title is all set for general release. Disney Dreamlight is a perfect example of this, but its position in early access also raises some concerns.

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When games leave Early Access, they’re usually in the final stages and probably won’t see significant changes again. However, for a game like Disney Dreamlight Valley, it feels necessary to see the new characters, quests, and constant changes in the early access phase. With that in mind, we thoroughly investigated whether the game is worth playing after early access and what keeps players constantly coming back for more.

If you’re wondering if Disney Dreamlight Valley is worth paying for while it’s still in early access, check out our early access review here.

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Events, characters, missions and more

Date update patch notes Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney/Gameloft

Dreamlight Valley adds new Disney characters regularly.

Before we can judge whether the game is worth playing after it leaves early access, we first need to look at why it is so successful now. The most obvious reason for the popularity of Disney Dreamlight Valley is the regular updates of the game. Each update rekindles the passion of the community and puts the game back on the map, with critics, players and fans enjoying the new features.

These updates, which come with new characters, missions, seasonal events, star trails, and much more, are the perfect way to grab an audience and keep them playing. The conversation about Disney Dreamlight Valley escalates tenfold every time there’s an update, and while it might die down a month later, the discussion quickly turns to when the next Disney Dreamlight update is coming and what it might contain.

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A lack of potential replayability

Disney Dreamlight Valley charactersDisney/Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley may lack the replayability to keep its popularity going.

Keeping the conversation around fans in mind, we notice how it drops significantly after fans complete the new missions, make friends with their favorite characters, and complete their tasks for the Star Path and seasonal event.

The main issue regarding Disney Dreamlight Valley is the replayability factor. Just a few months later and most of the players have brought all current characters to their highest level of friendship, unlocked all recipes, explored all regions and are now just going about their daily activities and playing the game like a traditional life sim.

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While there’s nothing wrong with that, it does feel like the game is sinking a bit while waiting for another major update. In between updates, Disney Dreamlight Valley can get a bit tedious if you have nothing else to do, leaving many players wondering when they’ll see the next update.

Plus, while other life sim games have a lot of replay value, like Stardew Valley actively promoting new farms or Animal Crossing ignoring quests and adventure to prioritize quiet gameplay, Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t offer much incentive to start from scratch.

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Dreamlight Valley’s collectibles, quests, and layout are exactly the same every time, meaning players will likely stick with their first valley for good, which takes away from the replayability factor.

Such a lack of replayability causes a few concerns about leaving early access to the game. The question “Will Disney Dreamlight Valley still get its big updates after it leaves early access?” is all the more prominent, introducing fears that this great game will have a hard time when it is fully released.

The life of Disney Dreamlight Valley depends on the developers

December 16 Patch NotesDisney/Gameloft

The future of Disney Dreamlight Valley rests directly in the hands of the developers.

Ultimately, the success of Disney Dreamlight Valley will depend on how Gameloft handles its increasingly popular title. If they keep producing quality updates along with meaningful content, players will keep coming back, but if they leave the game as it is once it leaves early access, it’s likely to end soon.

Currently, Gameloft uses community feedback, the many characters in the Disney franchise, and themed events to keep players engaged and to safeguard the life of Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it often feels that once this focus drops, the community might just head back to life sims like stardew valley.

As long as Disney Dreamlight Valley continues as it is now, the game will continue to welcome new players and gain a significant amount of traction in the game world.

Will Disney Dreamlight Valley be worth playing after it leaves Early Access?

If Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to capture players’ hearts through its well-thought-out updates and exciting content, then the game will undeniably be worth playing for years to come.

However, the game lacks the replayability that similar titles like Stardew Valley contain, meaning Gameloft must consistently update and introduce new missions, characters, and events to keep the game relevant.

That’s our prediction of whether Disney Dreamlight Valley will be worth playing after it leaves Early Access. While waiting for the next update, check out some of our helpful Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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