Witcher 3 developer confirms next game is the first in a brand new saga

During an earnings call, CD Projekt Red confirmed that the next Witcher game will be the start of a new saga for the series.

The Polish studio formally announced that it started work on a new Witcher title last spring. Aside from news that Unreal Engine 5 will power the project, few details emerged from the reveal.

But a teaser image featuring a Lynx medallion suggests that a Witcher School spawned from popular fanfiction may take center stage.

And it now looks like CD Projekt Red’s Witcher universe will expand beyond what comes next.

The next Witcher game is the start of something bigger

During CD Projekt Red’s latest earnings call, an investor asked president and joint CEO Adam Kiciński for clarification on comments about a “new Witcher saga.”

In his response, the director noted that CDPR is already considering plans to produce multiple titles in the monster-filled universe.

“We said there would be a new saga. Now we are pre-producing the first game of this saga. But we have more than one in mind. The first saga [featured] three games, so now we’re thinking of more than one game…”

Talk about CD Projekt Red’s future plans for the mainline Witcher series starting around the 50:20 timestamp in the following video:

Given the unshakable popularity of the Witcher franchise in recent years, this news seemed pretty much confirmed ahead of Kiciński’s comment. Still, it’s nice to get confirmation that the next Witcher game probably won’t count as the last.

During the earnings call, the company also reiterated that The Witcher 3’s highly anticipated new-gen update remains on track for a late 2022 release. However, the studio continues to withhold details about a specific expiration date.

With Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC slated for 2023, information about the next Witcher game will likely remain a secret for a while.

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