Wizards of the Coast apologizes for “offensive” D&D Hadozee content: “We let you down”

Publisher Wizards of the Coast has apologized to fans for including offensive material surrounding the Hadozee D&D race.

Wizards of the Coast, the popular publisher of card games and role-playing games, caught fire after offensive D&D material surfaced online.

The material was part of the recent Spelljammer: Adventure in Space set, centered around the in-game Hadozee race.

Now Wizards of the Coast has apologized to fans for including the material and promised to remove the material from digital versions and future reprints of the set.

Apologies from Wizards of the Coast

The apology comes through the official Dungeons & Dragons website via a post called “Statement on the Hadozee.”

The blog post opens with the statement, “We wanted to acknowledge and acknowledge the inclusion of objectionable material in our recent Spelljammer: Adventures in Space content. We’ve let you, our players and our fans down, and we’re truly sorry.”

The post goes on to explain the issue of the Hadozee race, which has been featured in D&D since 1982.

The statement explained that “Unfortunately, not all parts of the content related to the Hado Sea were properly vetted before appearing in our most recent release.”

wizards of the coast hadozee apology statementWizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast’s full statement on the Hadozee race.

The original lore for the Hadozee race, as previously written by Wizards of the Coast, said that a wizard in command of a fleet of Spelljammers arrived on the Hadozee homeworld named Yazir, captured Hadozee ancestors and experimented on them with a magical elixir.

The wizard’s elixir caused them to grow taller, stand up straight and become self-conscious as the wizard intended to raise an army of improved Hadozee and sell them into slavery.

The Hadozee eventually rebelled with the help of the sorcerer’s apprentices and became the modern Hadozee race.

After community indignation Citing real-world parallels, Wizards of the Coast apologized, saying, “As we continue to learn and grow through each situation, we recognize that we need to do better to live up to our values.”

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