WoW Dragonflight alpha delivers heavy Dracthyr nerf for launch

. Last updated: July 30, 2022

Blizzard has announced that the new WoW race coming in Dragonflight, Dracthyr, is getting their racial passive massive nerf in the expansion’s early alpha build.

World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Dragonflight, is fast approaching. Scheduled for release in late 2022, WoW’s next adventure will take place on the Dragon Isles for the very first time.

In addition to a new setting and story, WoW players will also get a new race, the Dracthyr, and a race-exclusive class, Evoker.

The expansion is now in its alpha phase, and developer Blizzard has revealed that the Dracthyr’s unique racial passive is already planned for nerfs.

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WoW’s Dragonflight expansion will arrive sometime in late 2022.

WoW Dragonflight alpha nerfs Dracthyr’s racist passive heavy

Blizzard announced on July 29 that well ahead of Dragonflight’s actual release, the company is accelerating the maximum speed of Dracthyr’s racial passive, Dracthyr Soar, by about 30%.

The developers said, “With the next alpha build, we are making a change to Soar for Dracthyr that will lower their max speed from (approximately) 930% to 640%. The maximum speed for Dragon Isles Drakes is unchanged. This only applies to Dractyr Soar’s breed ability.”

Soar allows Dracthyr players to blast into the air and fly after a short throw time.

The developers also took the time to explain exactly why the Dracthyr’s passive was attacked so hard: “Soar is important to Dracthyr’s identity. From the beginning of the design process, we knew that Dracthyr had to be able to fly in some form, even though we didn’t know the details until later. But Soar is also a racial skill and was never intended to be a huge efficiency or performance improvement over other races. ”

The alpha build for all WoW expansions is a time to experiment, and since Dracthyr is a brand new race, this probably isn’t the only change we’re seeing.

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