WoW Dragonflight opens race-locked classes, starting with Rogue, Mage, and Priest

World of Warcraft combat designer Brian Holinka revealed that Dragonflight will bring tons of new race and class combos, including making Mage, Rogue and Priest available for all races.

World of Warcraft’s new expansion, Dragonflight, was unveiled on April 19.

The expansion brings players to the Dragon Isles for the first time and introduces a new race and class for the first time in years.

On top of the new content announced, massive changes are coming that are sure to shock long-time WoW players.

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Dragonflight finally gives players the chance to explore the Dragon Islands.

WoW Dragonflight Makes Mage, Rogue, Preist Available For All Races

Twitch streamer MrGM interviewed WoW’s Lead Combat Designer Brian Holinka, who shed light on the future of how WoW will handle race and class combinations.

Holinka said: “I don’t want to make big promises, but we feel like we want to go to a world where a character’s race is not a limitation on what they do or what they can become in World of Warcraft. We’re working on that.” , but not all lessons have the same content requirements.”

He continued: “There will be more of this over time, but immediately on patch 10.0 we will make Rogues, Mages and Priests available for all races.”

The news that three core classes for WoW will be playable for all races is huge, as they have been race-limited for the past 18 years since the game’s original launch.

New combinations that have never been seen before, such as Tauren Mages and Orc Priests, will be possible once Dragonflight is officially launched. While Holinka hinted that ideally every race and class could be run together, these changes are a solid start.

If you want to be one of the first to play Dragonflight, here’s how to sign up for the beta.

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