WoW Dragonflight players praise new NPC for deaf representation

Published: 2022-12-02T17:20:28

Updated: 2022-12-02T17:20:43

WoW Dragonflight players praise a new NPC in the Dragon Isles for shining a spotlight on deaf representation.

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion adds tons to the long-running MMORPG, including Dragonriding, a completely new UI, a new zone called the Dragon Isles, and much more.

While there are plenty of new features that grab players’ attention in the first few days after release, there is a new NPC in the Dragon Isles storyline that has grabbed players’ attention due to its portrayal of deaf people.

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WoW players can now ride Dragons with the new expansion.

WoW Dragonflight praised for deaf representation

In the Ohn’ahran Plains, there is an NPC character named Sansok Khan, leader of the Shikaar Clan. While talking to Sansok, you discover that he is actually deaf and has both a translator who speaks to you named Okir and a service dog.

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WoW player and ASL student heyitslin posted a screencap of Sansok praising the deaf character, saying “As an ASL student it’s SO cool to have a deaf character and interpreter in the Dragonflight storyline!”

The post shot straight to the top of the WoW subreddit with over 200 comments and nearly 1,000 upvotes in less than a day of posting.

In the comments, other WoW players praised developer Blizzard Entertainment for finally starting to include more underrepresented groups in the MMO.

One user said, “It’s actually so good. It’s one of the things that breathes life into the expansion. It feels real, not symbolic.

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Another added that the rendering was done quite tastefully: “Subtlety goes a long way. It doesn’t feel like they’re making a big splash out of it, which is nice and, more importantly, probably a better way to represent the unrepresented.

While WoW hasn’t done a great job of representation in their games in the past, Dragonflight seems to be hitting the mark for fans.

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