WoW player’s idea to reuse old zones for endgame content divides fans

A World of Warcraft fan shared an ingenious way to bring back old areas of WoW’s past to be playable and relevant to current players, but not everyone is on board.

World of Warcraft has one of the biggest backlogs of any video game ever.

The nearly 20-year-old MMO has had eight expansions, all of which have added massive amounts of content to the ever-evolving game, with a ninth coming soon to Dragonflight.

With so much content to browse, one player has suggested bringing back old zones so they can be relevant in future expansions.

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World of Warcraft was originally launched in 2004.

WoW Player Shares Unique Old Zone Endgame Concept

User munk2 posted on the WoW subreddit with a detailed idea of ​​using Chromie for post-game content.

They asked Reddit users, “What do you think of this idea? Leveling + seasons for endgame world content.” The post features an image they created showing their idea of ​​integrating old zones into post-game relevance.

Munk2 aims to introduce old zones, such as Northrend for example, into the endgame through Seasons where players can collect equipment at a higher item level. Included would be: “Challenging endgame world content for both solo and group players. Each season consists of the zones and story missions of a single expansion, scaled up by endgame difficulty.”

Their latest feature included “Hard enough to justify gear rewards relevant to current endgame content.”

One player loved the idea, saying, “As a non-raider, I love this idea. A great way to revisit old expansions (if you didn’t do them while leveling up), let’s new players see the old content and it’s going to be whole zones that aren’t just doing nothing.”

Despite the praise, some World of Warcraft stalwarts aren’t sold on the idea. One fan said: “I’m sorry, imagine if I go to max level so I can go to an upscaled version of something I did 10+ years ago so I can do more?

They also added, “I understand there are people who love sleuthing and stuff, but I’m not sure if the player base is enough to justify something like this.”

Despite the desire to return to old zones of the past, it can be difficult to incorporate older but beloved areas into endgame content. However, if Blizzard could pull it off, it could satisfy a huge number of players.

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