WoW Shadowlands player levels up to 60 with only Steam Deck

A World of Warcraft Shadowlands Player Equalized All the Way to 60 Using Just a Steam Deck to play the popular MMORPG.

WoW players have discovered that the game can be played seamlessly on the new portable gaming PC Steam Deck.

While it may not be the most optimal or visually stunning way to play, it is certainly possible by remapping the controls and bringing the visuals down a bit.

A dedicated WoW player proved that the MMO can be played on Steam Deck by reaching the max level using just the handheld gaming device.

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WoW player reaches max level with Steam Deck

User Chazq2012 posted a photo of their level 60 Blood Elf Hunter which they maxed out in Shadowlands using just the Steam Deck on their way to max.

In the title of their post they said, “Had a fighter put 1-60 on the steam deck. A great experience, no problems at all, dungeons were very easy! Let’s see how the raids go.”

In the comment section, users were intrigued by Chazq’s settings while playing the game.

They clarified that they were able to play at a consistent 60 frames per second by setting the graphics settings to 7. However, one user warned that if they tried raids, the fps could drop dramatically and they’d better check the graphics fidelity before trying one.

Chazq was also able to load add-ons into WoW, showing that even on the Steam Deck Warcraft players can get the personalized experience they are looking for.

It may not be the most optimal way to play, but using WoW on the go is a dream many players have been looking forward to for years.

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