Xbox game console gets Apple Music app

Apple’s music streaming platform is now available for native download on Microsoft’s gaming consoles, namely the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X.

Apple Music app

Apple Music subscribers and Xbox owners can now listen to their favorite music, live concerts or podcasts through the dedicated app. As an aside, the app can run in the background while users are playing games.

The app offers almost the same experience as the tvOS version – there’s a navigation bar in the main categories Now Playing, Videos, Browse, Listen Now, Library and Radio, and features like time-synced lyrics, large album art and more.

Apple Music launched for the Playstation 5 and is available on Roku, Android, Google Nest, Sonos, Amazon Echo, and select LG and Samsung smart TV models.

Apple Music is Apple’s music streaming platform and competes with Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music, among others. It recently reached a milestone with over 100 million songs.

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