Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ Now Available for Remixes on GarageBand

Apple has released a new remix session in its GarageBand app featuring Zedd’s hit dance hit “Clarity.”

New GarageBand remix session

Accessible as a free download from the Sound Library section of the GarageBand app, the remix session allows iPad and iPhone users to preview and remix the song using guided instructions from Zedd himself.

The artist also launched an accompanying YouTube video on how to remix the song using GarageBand’s Live Loops feature.

Live Loops allow users to extract parts of a song, such as synths, beats, and vocals, and rearrange or add new elements to them. The feature is easy to use and requires no prior experience. The accompanying video can be found on Apple Music’s official YouTube channel, and GarageBand is a free iOS app available for download.

“Clarity” recently received Spatial Audio support in honor of its tenth anniversary. Apple Music is available for individual plans for $4.99 per month and for family plans for $9.99 per month.

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