ZLaner Finds Warzone Secondary Weapon Better Than SMGs

Warzone streamer ZLaner has revealed that he’s discovered an incredible secondary weapon that may be better than some of the game’s SMGs.

The Diamatti is one of the most overpowered pistols in Call of Duty history, along with Vanguard Ratt and the Python. The Diamatti akimbo meta was one of the most broken metas in Warzone, as many streamers resulted in using the meta.

After that period, many players used shotguns and regular submachine guns such as the MP40, MP5 and now the Owen Gun.

The burst pistol is back on players’ radars, as ZLaner has discovered it has returned to its overpowered state as a single-use secondary (instead of akimbo) in the Battle Royale.

ZLaner Unveils New Diamatti Warzone Gear

In his YouTube video, ZLaner plays high-octane games of Warzone’s Rebirth game mode and shows what the Diamatti is still capable of.

He even shows off the long-range capabilities by shooting a player far in the distance while bragging about how the Diamatti shoots like a sniper.

“The Diamatti is a ******g sniper rifle buddy!” ZLaner stated after killing a player from a great distance.

Of course, the weapon isn’t always the best choice for firefights, as ZLaner was taken a number of times by an enemy with a submachine gun.

(Segment starts at 5:23 in the video below)

Zlaner’s Diamatti Warzone Gear

If you’re wondering the best way to equip a Diamatti in Warzone, here’s some gear you can use:


Here is a Diamatti Warzone class for players to use.

  • End of a loop: Agency Suppressor
  • barrel: 7.2” Task Force
  • Laser: Tiger team in the spotlight
  • Magazine: Salvo 30 Round Fast Mag
  • rear handle: hose wrap

Since a legendary Warzone streamer like ZLaner has now reintroduced the weapon into Warzone, who knows how many other streamers and casual players it might affect.

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